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I have been working in the software industry for more than 3.5 years. And from my tinny experience as a software engineer, I will shed light on few points that I think developers should keep in their mind.

1. Fight impostor syndrome

Impostor syndrome is very common in tech industry. It’s a feeling that tells you that your peers/colleagues know far more than you. Deep inside you feel down and frightened. You suffer from chronic self-doubt. You show less confidence while giving any technical opinion to your team mates. But to be honest, in the tech industry it is not possible for any one…

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Before getting started I am assuming that you have basic idea about microservices and message brokers. Rest I will try to explain step by step.

Saga pattern is not something new. You can see the original proposal here. Before directly landing on Saga I want to explain why we need saga . Assume that we have a monolithic application — one big application bloated with lots of business rules and responsibilities. Lets assume its an e-commerce site. An user can place an order. Before approving the order we need to validate that if the user has enough credit in his…

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Microservice based architecture is getting popularity and people are using it for developing complex and scalable systems. We know in microservice based architecture application is built as a collection of loosely coupled services. Each service is independent and designed to solve a specific problem. Now in a very large and complex system there might be lots of microservices running altogether . And these microservices can be dependent on each other. For an example there can be an UserManagement service which calls a SMS service to send OTP to the user phone while creating an user. I know we can avoid…

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If you are a software developer or coder and if you ever tried to read articles or books about good design principles then you might have come across the word SOLID many times. If you don’t or your ideas are vague about SOLID then this article is for you. I will try to explain SOLID — “ An acronym of five important design principles” to you.

S — Single Responsibility Principle.

So the first principle states that your class or component should be responsible for doing only one thing. Look at the bellow example to understand it a bit better.

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So I have been reading the book “Clean Code- A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship” of Robert C. Martin Series for the last couple of months beside my regular job, and found this book very informative and didactic. I personally think every software developer should read this book by his/her own and try to implement the instructions while coding. In this article I actually would like to write about some basic good practices that every developer should follow and make it as their coding norm.

  1. Later equals never

We all write messy codes and feel relief when we see our…

Noymul Islam Chowdhury Shorot

Software Engineer, Listener.

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